Group consultations

Together patients are stronger

Group consultations are a way for primary care practices to bring together individuals helping them to better manage their own health and share their experiences and learning allowing everyone to learn from each other in a safe and secure setting, making a real difference to day-to-day life.

Group consultations have been delivered face-to-face for some time. They are tried and tested in primary care in England and used extensively in United States of America and Australia

While a traditional clinician and patient appointment lasts around 10-15 minutes, our group consultation will run for about 90 minutes and allow up to 15 participants to spend more time with their healthcare team and each other.

Our guest speaker for these sessions will be Achieve Oxfordshire who have partnered with leading weight loss providers to offer you a range of FREE programmes to help you achieve your goals. They also have valuable tools and skilled Health Practitioners to give encouragement throughout your weight loss journey.

Did you know?

Weight loss and reducing body mass index (BMI) can improve cardiovascular risk factors, by lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood glucose. It can also reduce insulin resistance and inflammation.

On arrival you will check in with our patient service team member as normal, where your ID will be checked, we will also check with you that you are still happy to participate and you will be given a short questionnaire asking simple questions such as smoking status and the number of units of alcohol consumed per week.

You will be directed to our waiting room and invited to take a seat.

Once all participants have arrived and are seated, there will be a short introduction to the session and all participants will be asked to agree to maintaining confidentiality.

Our guest speakers will have the opportunity to address the group and there will be time for participants to ask questions.

We will be providing tea and coffee during the session.

Towards the end of the session we will take the opportunity to get some measurements from participants such as blood pressure and weight, as this will help us guide you to the best services available to you.

*No medical information will be shared about participants within the group setting by any member of the Hightown team.

* These group events do not replace 1:1 appointments which will still be available to you in the usual way.